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June 13, 2009
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Attend our Healthy Cooking, Nutrition & Weight Loss Conference with Cookbook Author & Cooking Show Host, Chef David Knight, in Tampa June 13-14, 2009. See Featured Speaker Dr. Jairo Libroros foremost expert on obesity & safe weight loss. For more details email

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Cooking is basic to life itself, that’s why more Home Cooks and Culinary Professionals visit than any other waterless, greaseless cooking website on the internet… We Are #1!


Recipients of the American Express Award for Dedication to Excellence in Customer Service, our purpose is to provide our friends and customers with recipes, cooking tips, nutritional weight loss information, and instruction on the classical methods of waterless, greaseless cooking.


Health Craft is a three generation family owned business operated by dedicated home cooks and professional chefs. We literally wrote the books and produced the TV show on waterless, greaseless cooking. Even our competitors refer to our cookbooks for accurate methods and instruction on waterless, greaseless cooking.


Have a question while preparing the evening meal or getting ready for a dinner party? Check out our website and find How to Use & Care for your waterless, greaseless cookware, refer to Weight Loss for nutrition basics, go to Adapting Recipes to convert your favorite family recipe, find 200+ recipes on waterless, greaseless cooking all with Nutritional Breakdowns, and view more than 20 cooking videos with Chef David Knight. Need more information? One of our professionally trained culinary instructors is available to answer your questions 24-7 at  


Don’t be fooled by imitations and look-a-likes, Health Craft is the only cookware worldwide designed by professional chefs, and our cookware, cookbooks and DVD’s are clearly labeled with the Health Craft trademark... look for the red circle and white dove, and you’ll know you have the finest cookware in the world, and it’s Made in the USA!

Cookbook Author & Cooking Show Host Chef David Knight. Click here to view video
Cookbook Author & Cooking Show Host Chef David Knight. Click here to view video

Waterless, greaseless food preparation with Health Craft Cookware creates wholesome, great-tasting meals without sacrificing vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the methods you will learn throughout this website will capture the wonderful flavors you expect in your meals. It’s possible because of this unique cookware and cooking method. Foods are cooked on low heat, below the boiling temperature, in a vapor seal. The Vapor Seal method is the secret that retains vital nutritional values. By eliminating the need for peeling and boiling, vegetables come to the table with a ‘garden fresh’ taste and meats are gently browned and cooked in their own natural juices, without the need for high calorie oils. It’s a whole new experience in cooking and taste, and a key benefit for better health. 

Because food preparation is easy and efficient, waterless, greaseless cooking has become the preferred method of millions of home cooks who are dedicated to better health through healthier cooking techniques. This website contains more than 200 recipes and 20 videos that will bring nature’s goodness to your table every day. 

Two sound fundamentals I include in all of my recipes. First, the recipes must be quick and easy to prepare, with ingredients that are readily available. And second, every recipe must be healthful. 

Health Craft waterless, greaseless cookware, in many ways, is different from both the less expensive pots and pans on display in discount stores and the popular commercially designed cookware available in the upscale market. First and foremost, Health Craft waterless, greaseless cookware is designed for the home cook. Secondly, it’s not available in retail stores. Historically it has only been available through Cooking Show Hosts who either come to your home for a private cooking lesson, or through healthy cooking demonstrations at Consumer Tradeshows. See "Visit a Show". Why this method of marketing? Prior to this website and my TV Cooking series and Cookbooks, there was no other way besides live cooking demonstrations to explain the values and principles of waterless, greaseless cooking. 

Today, waterless, greaseless cookware is available on the internet. Beware, not all of the cookware that claims to be waterless and greaseless is truly waterless and greaseless, and much of it is made in China.


The quality and workmanship of waterless, greaseless cookware varies from company to company and from set to set, as do the features and benefits. I know firsthand that good cookware is expensive to manufacture, and as the designer and manufacturer of America’s premier line of waterless, greaseless cookware ‘Health Craft’, there is no such thing as getting more than what you pay for. Health Craft waterless, greaseless cookware is more than a lifetime investment: it’s an investment in a healthy lifestyle.


Chef David Knight
Cookbook Author & Cooking Show Host
The Home Cooking Network
President, Health Craft, Inc.

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